Physics Challenge Projects

30S Physics

The Paper Tower Challenge

Grade 11 students compete in the Paper Tower Challenge Project during the first week of the semester. Teams research, plan and construct towers using ten sheets of copy paper and one metre of tape and compete to see which tower can support the greatest mass. The current class record is 11.0 kg!

The Spaghetti Bridge Challenge

The Spaghetti Bridge Challenge Project engages Grade 11 and 12 students in a quest to design and build the strongest and lightest bridge with spaghetti and white glue. Teams test bridges to failure to determine the strongest bridge in the class! 

The NEW class record is 31.0 kg! 

The Mousetrap Vehicle Challenge

The purpose of the Mouse Trap Vehicle Challenge Project is to provide 30S Physics students with hands-on application of the principles and applications of kinematics. Grade 11 students work in teams or two or three to design and construct a vehicle, powered only by a Victor brand mousetrap, that will travel a distance of 10.0 metres. The NEW class record is 22.20 m!

The Bottle Rocket Challenge

Intended to allow students the opportunity to grapple with “g”, acceleration due to gravity, the Bottle Rocket Challenge pits teams of 30S Physics students against each other and against gravity to see whose rocket can climb the highest!

40S Physics

The Egg Drop Challenge

40S Physics students participate in the Egg Drop Challenge to apply their knowledge of forces and motion to design and build a container which can house one egg as it falls from the VCI Canteen to the Gym floor. Teams compete against each other to see if the egg in their container will survive the 5 metre fall!  

The Trebuchet Challenge

The Trebuchet Challenge involves Grade 12 students in the design and construction of two trebuchets: one miniature prototype and one large working model. Teams compete against each other to determine the trebuchet that is able to hurl a tennis ball with the greatest accuracy and the greatest distance.

The Medical Physics Challenge

Successful completion of the Medical Physics Challenge Project provides Grade 12 students with hands-on application of the principles and technology of nuclear physics. Teamsresearch a specific medical application of nuclear physics and prepare a report, a class presentation and a demonstration to share that information.                  

Why Take Physics?

As a student at VCI, you heard it was a good idea to take Physics because it’s an important subject, but that’s all you know. You want to get a good grade to enhance your overall average. Physics is a prerequisite for a variety of post-secondary programs. “Why should I take Physics?” you ask. The Why Take Physics Challenge Project is designed to let you know you made the right choice!