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I found this article the other day on Facebook posted by a fellow teacher. Of course I was on Facebook at 3 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep and what was I thinking about; my “kids”, the work we have to do this year, how we are going to get there and how I can help them. “What Students Really Need to Hear”


Visual Arts Grades 9-12 – Second Semester 2014 – Grade 10 and Grade 12 Art

– Throughout the semester the grade 10’s have been busy exploring the Principles of Art, while the grade 12’s have been working on their 8 individual projects. Festival time is quickly approaching and we are getting our pieces ready to take down to the CP Station Art Gallery for the show during April. Our class is helping set up the gallery for festival.

Here is a link to the VISUAL ARTS festival regulations and classes. virden visual arts festival

Yearbook – All year, every other day.

– Our yearbook staff is always looking for more photographs to use on our pages. If you have attended a VCI event and have some photos to share we welcome them all. Visit and login or download the app right to your “smart” device. All pictures will be considered.

– Yearbook advertising is an important way for us to help us reach our goal of giving every student at VCI their own yearbook. This year we included the cost of yearbooks in our student fees so everyone will get a book but we still need to subsidize that with advertising money. Our yearbook staff have been around to local businesses and organizations soliciting money and we appreciate all of the support we have gotten so far. Anyone still interested in advertising are asked to contact Ms. Schindler ASAP.

Retailing 20 – First Semester 2013 and Second Semester 2014

– The retailing class has been busy surveying their fellow VCI students to learn about their retail purchasing behaviours.

Web Design/Digital Film Making – Second Semester 2014

– Web Design is getting ready wrap up this half credit. So far the students have learnt how to code using html and create web sites using WYSIWYGs. We are now using LiveCode to create apps. Our last projects will be creating personal web sites using WIX and iWeb.

Graphic Arts – Second Semester 2014

– Photoshop has been an enjoyable unit for the last month. The students have also begun the basics of black and white photography and will soon be taking pictures and developing their negatives and prints. They have also started the basics of Corel Draw.

Girls Soccer – Fall 2013

– any girls interested in playing soccer in the fall of 2014 are asked to see Ms. Schindler. Schedules come out in June and we will be practicing for the season starting in August 2014.

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