Attendance Pilot Project

This year Virden Collegiate is piloting a new attendance policy.  In the past we awarded students that attended via the Renaissance Program and punished students demonstrating school refusal behaviors.  However, students demonstrating school refusal in September where the same students demonstrating the same behaviors in June.  So Virden Collegiate is implementing a policy based on Dr. Christopher Kearney’s research and practice.  The number one goal this year is to identify attendance trends every two weeks and to implement proper interventions via the student services team.  You can learn more about this approach by going to and

VCI attendance policy will reflect the following:

  •  A student will be marked absent, regardless of the reason (such as school events, illness, scheduled appointments).
  • Trends in absenteeism will be tracked and followed up by the VCI Student Services Team.
  •  Students demonstrating school refusal may be subject to interventions or program changes, (at the discretion of the Student Services Team and Administration)
  •  If students are not attending class/school on a regular basis, the natural consequences may be that they fail the course(s).


We will be revisiting this pilot project monthly and we will post student attendance data on this page.