Information about Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Most Recent Update: March 2, 2021

Welcome to the VCI Scholarship Page. Scholarships for Grad 2021 are starting to come in to VCI and the website will be updated as we receive information from our donors.

Our scholarships are divided into 2 categories:

(a) Virden & Area Scholarships – These scholarships are given to VCI grads and are presented at our graduation ceremony.  They are sponsored by local businesses, individuals, and organizations.  These scholarships are administered by VCI and the donor(s).

(b) National, Provincial, Corporate Scholarships – These scholarships are open to grads from across the province, country, or region.  VCI has no role in administering these awards.

Because the list of scholarship is long, we will use colour to distinguish the status of the scholarship – newly updated scholarships, open scholarships, and not active yet scholarships.

(1) Any scholarship in a red font is a newly updated scholarship.

(2) Any scholarship in black means the scholarship is available for Grad 2021 and open to applications (if applicable).

(3) Any scholarship in gray indicates the scholarship was given out for Grad 2020, but has not been updated yet.  We will update it when we hear from the donor. 

Submission dates are listed whenever possible. Please note: Not all VCI students are eligible for every scholarship. Please read the accompanying criteria to ensure student eligibility.  We encourage you to check the website regularly as scholarship updates will be continue to come in until the end of May.