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Virden Collegiate Institute | Literacy, Equality, Integrity

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Virden Collegiate Institute | Literacy, Equality, Integrity

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Virden Collegiate Institute | Literacy, Equality, Integrity


Welcome to Virden Collegiate Institute

“Modeling respect, learning and responsibility to motivate students to become productive, caring citizens.”


Fort La Bosse School Division is currently in the third and final year of a three year planning cycle.  In the spring of 2016, division leadership will be convening to develop a new three-year plan. The Board of Trustees invites members of the community to participate in an open forum of conversation and discussion related to this endeavor.  Your feedback with respect to the following question/discussion topics would be appreciated.

  1. What strengths exist amongst FLB schools?
  2. What areas provide opportunity for improvement?
  3. What future trends do you see that might influence programs in this division?

All meetings will commence at 7:00 PM.

Dates are as follows:

October 22      –           CDN                  –           Band Office
October 29      –           Oak Lake          –           Oak Lake Community School
November 2    –           Reston              –           Reston School
November 12  –           Elkhorn            –           Elkhorn School
November 16  –           Kola                  –           Kola School
November 26  –          Virden              –           Virden Collegiate ‘Library’

About Virden Collegiate Institute

Virden Collegiate Institute is a school of approximately 330 students.  The school is proud to provide a wide variety of programming in the performing arts, visual arts, physical education, sciences, mathematics, language arts, French, power mechanics, industrial arts, business education, home economics, technology and social studies.  Alternative education classes and evening mature student classes are offered on campus.  Students are provided in-house support services such as public health nurses, student support workers, career counselors, guidance counselors, First Nation liaison workers and mental health workers.

School Day Schedule 2015/2016

8:48 Morning Alert Bell
8:50 – 9:55 Period 1
9:55 – 10:04 Break
10:04 – 11:08 Period 2
11:08 – 11:12 Transition Break
11:12 – 12:16 Period 3
12:16 – 1:15 Noon Break (Period 4)
1:15 – 2:19 Period 5
2:19 – 2:28 Break
2:28 – 3:32 Period 6

Keown’s Korner

Welcome to a new year at VCI!  Excited to see all the new faces in our building, and after an awesome Gym Blast, a BBQ lunch (Thanks CD Oilwell for the use of your BBQ – much appreciated!)  and some good Bears Football action – we are looking to get at some academics.

As is listed above, we have done some tweaking to our class times, and so far so good! Hope to see everyone out at our ACSL Pie Auction, and Undergrad awards on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd (6:00 – 9:00).

A number of our sporting teams are fired up and rolling – congrats to our Girls Golf Team – Zone 9 champs!!  (off to provincials in Shilo – Sept. 25th)

Hope we have a great year – any concerns or questions please get a hold of me at the office!

Take Care

Mr. Keown

Diplomas Offered at V.C.I.

High School:  Students who successfully complete 30 credits while also fulfilling the requirements of the High School Program graduate with a Manitoba High School Diploma.

Technology Education: Students who successfully complete 30 credits while also fulfilling the requirements of a Technology Education Program (Power Mechanics or Business) graduate with a Technology Education Diploma.

Special Achievement: A Fort La Bosse School Division Special Achievement Diploma is awarded to students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the High School and/or Technology Education Programs and complete more than the minimum number of credits for graduation.  A Gold Achievement Diploma is awarded to students that achieve 35 or more high school credits!

Dual Diploma: Students who successfully complete the requirements of BOTH the High School and Technology Education Programs will receive both diplomas.

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      Changes in the school day time distribution for 2015-16 will allow all three division high schools to adopt identical bell times. These changes were made necessary to accommodate the video conferencing (VC) courses offered among the three high schools. Notable changes include: Breaks between Periods 1 & 2 and between Periods 5 & 6 are now 9 […]


    • Private Music Option

      Students in Manitoba schools have the option to earn up to four (4) Private Music Option credits provided they have accomplished specific standings through the Royal Conservatory of Canada or Conservatory Canada as outlined on the Manitoba Education and Literacy website. These credits (PMO 12G, 22G, 32S and 42S) are considered to be Options Supplementary […]