Welcome to Virden Collegiate Institute

“Modeling respect, learning and responsibility to motivate students to become productive, caring citizens.”


 Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 School Year, Virden Collegiate staff and students are looking forward to another exciting year.  A huge thanks to Tori our Student Council president for getting our school year off to a smooth start.  We are excited to get our Keychain fundraiser underway and are thankful to all of the local businesses who have contributed to make the fundraiser possible.  We did not experience any new staff changeovers this year, so students are getting down to business early and hoping this results in a successful semester for all.  A reminder to make sure students are attending as much as possible.  With all of the curricular and extra-curricular activities students are a part of at VCI, we need to make sure their attendance is solid throughout the entire semester.  Any concerns or problems please let me know – looking forward to another great year.
 Take Care
Mr. Keown

About Virden Collegiate Institute

Virden Collegiate Institute is a school of approximately 305 students.  The school is proud to provide a wide variety of programming in the performing arts, visual arts, physical education, sciences, mathematics, language arts, French, power mechanics, industrial arts, business education, home economics, technology and social studies.  Alternative education classes and evening mature student classes are offered on campus.  Students are provided in-house support services such as public health nurses, student support workers, career counselors, guidance counselors, First Nation liaison workers and mental health workers.

School Day Schedule 2017/2018

8:48 Morning Alert Bell
8:50 – 9:55 Period 1
9:55 – 10:04 Break
10:04 – 11:08 Period 2
11:08 – 11:12 Transition Break
11:12 – 12:16 Period 3
12:16 – 1:15 Noon Break
1:15 – 2:19 Period 4
2:19 – 2:28 Break
2:28 – 3:32 Period 5

Diplomas Offered at V.C.I.

High School:  Students who successfully complete 30 credits while also fulfilling the requirements of the High School Program graduate with a Manitoba High School Diploma.

Technology Education: Students who successfully complete 30 credits while also fulfilling the requirements of a Technology Education Program (Power Mechanics or Business) graduate with a Technology Education Diploma.

Special Achievement: A Fort La Bosse School Division Special Achievement Diploma is awarded to students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the High School and/or Technology Education Programs and complete more than the minimum number of credits for graduation.  A Gold Achievement Diploma is awarded to students that achieve 35 or more high school credits!

Dual Diploma: Students who successfully complete the requirements of BOTH the High School and Technology Education Programs will receive both diplomas.