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Virden Collegiate Institute | Literacy, Equality, Integrity

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Virden Collegiate Institute | Literacy, Equality, Integrity

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Virden Collegiate Institute | Literacy, Equality, Integrity


 Welcome to Virden Collegiate Institute

“Modeling respect, learning and responsibility to motivate students to become productive, caring citizens.”

The first day of classes for VCI students is Thursday, September 4!


2014-15 Course Change Requests:

Sign-up sheets for students who would like to explore course change possibilities will be available in the Main Office on the first day of classes, Thursday, September 4, 2014. Students are asked to sign up in on the appropriate list BY GRADE. Student’s optional courses may be determined by course availability in the timetable.

Staff members facilitating student course change requests are listed below:

  • Grade 9 – Mrs. Peters
  • Grade 10 – Mr. Keown
  • Grade 11 – Mr. Bertram
  • Grade 12 – Mr. Hole

Please be aware that there are some courses that are FULL. Students will have to make alternate selections if they were hoping to add those courses to their timetable or to switch from one section of a course to a section that is FULL. 

Keown’s Korner!

Congratulations to our Grad Class of 2014!  I wish you all the best wherever your future may take you – thanks, it has been my pleasure.   Grad Class 2015 – you have some big shoes to fill!!   As well, I would like to wish Ms. Evanson and Mrs. Bailey all the best as they start a new chapter in their lives, enjoy, relax, and have fun!!   I am looking forward to having our new Grade 9 students join us next year – we will have some fun as well!!  I do wish everyone a great summer, and looking forward to year 2!!  Take Care!!

                          “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented!” 

About Virden Collegiate Institute

Virden Collegiate Institute is a school of approximately 330 students.  The school is proud to provide a wide variety of programming in the performing arts, visual arts, physical education, sciences, mathematics, language arts, French, power mechanics, industrial arts, business education, home economics, technology and social studies.  Alternative education classes and evening mature student classes are offered on campus.  Students are provided in-house support services such as public health nurses, student support workers, career counselors, guidance counselors, First Nation liaison workers and mental health workers.

School Day Schedule 2013/2014

8:48 Morning Alert Bell
8:50 – 9:55 Period 1
9:55 – 10:05 Break
10:05 – 11:10 Period 2
11:12 – 12:17 Period 3
12:17 – 1:15 Noon Break (Period 4)
1:15 – 2:20 Period 5
2:20 – 2:30 Break
2:30 – 3:35 Period 6


Diplomas Offered at V.C.I.

High School:  Students who successfully complete 30 credits while also fulfilling the requirements of the High School Program graduate with a High School Diploma.

Technology Education: Students who successfully complete 30 credits while also fulfilling the requirements of a Technology Education Program (Power Mechanics or Business) graduate with a Technology Education Diploma.

Special Achievement: Fort La Bosse School Division Special Achievement Diplomas are awarded to students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the High School and/or Technology Education Programs and complete more than the minimum number of credits for graduation.  Two categories are:

(1) Silver – 32 credits

(2) Gold – 34 credits or more

Dual Diploma: Students who successfully complete the requirements of BOTH the High School and Technology Education Programs will receive both diplomas.


  • Coming Events

       August  2014 »
    • New Brunswick Day

    • British Columbia Day

    • Natal Day

    • Heritage Day in Alberta

    • Civic/Provincial Day

    • Gold Cup Parade

    • Discovery Day

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    • Important Dates:

      September: 1 -  NO CLASSES - Labour Day 2 -  NO CLASSES - Division Professional Development Day 3 -  NO CLASSES - Division Professional Development/Administration Day 29 – NO CLASSES - Division Professional Development Day October: 13 -  NO CLASSES – Thanksgiving Day 24 -  NO CLASSES – Province-Wide Professional Development Day November: 10 - NO CLASSES – Administration Day 11 - NO CLASSES – Remembrance Day […]